At the office, at the beach, or on the go, one sip of a unique Crystal Beach Loganberry will bring back nostalgic memories of those care-free days spent on the shore! Both Original and Diet Loganberry are great tasting, non – carbonated, caffeine free, Vitamin C enriched and very low in sodium.

The rich, fresh tasting flavor of the loganberry, a real berry that is a cross between a ripe and tasty blackberry and a red raspberry will leave you thirsting for more. This unique secret recipe was once only sold at PJ’s famous barbeque restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York, and is now available in bottles for all to enjoy. One taste and you will agree, it’s refreshing and it’s legendary!

Crystal Beach has uncovered a new “berried treasure”…Sparkling Loganberry! It’s the ideal change of pace, made with pure cane sugar, caffeine free and vitamin enriched.