Our Story

How it all Begin

Rollercoaster at Crystal Beach, called The Cyclone

Welcome to Crystal Beach…a refreshing state of mind inspired by the legendary amusement park once nestled on the shores of Lake Erie above the roar of the mighty Niagara Falls. Original Loganberry, created by the Davis family, PJ, Carolyn, Johnny and Jady was inspired by another local favorite. Derived from the loganberry, a unique cross between ripe and tasty blackberries and raspberries, this secret recipe was once only sold at PJ’s famous barbecue restaurant in Saratoga Springs, NY. Crystal Beach Original and Diet Loganberry are now available in bottles for all to enjoy.

Raised in Tonawanda, NY, owners PJ and Carolyn grew up drinking the flavor that became one of their favorite childhood pastimes. They graduated from high school, got married, went to college, and became school teachers. The couple then moved to Saratoga Springs, New York, and 23 years ago opened their restaurant, PJ’s Bar-B-Q, recognized as one of the top 8 barbecue restaurants in the United States by CITY MAGAZINE, a national publication.

Being from Buffalo, the Davis’ wanted to sell popular Buffalo items in their restaurant, such as Buffalo Wings, Kummelweck Sandwiches, Sahlen’s Hot Dogs, and Loganberry! Loganberry became so popular that it was outselling the major leading cola brands also offered at the restaurant. During the winter customers were asking where they could purchase Loganberry while the popular summer restaurant was closed. The Davis’ were then inspired to create PJ’s Crystal Beach Loganberry, a flavor now popular in all of NY State and expanding into new markets nationwide!

Our Story: 1998 – Today

Established in 1998 at PJ’s BAR-B-Q in Saratoga Springs, Sarasoda, Inc., has continued to flourish as the Davis family’s independently owned Beverage Company. Loganberry, a non-carbonated fruit drink that is a cross between ripe and tasty blackberries and red raspberries has been the flagship flavor of the Crystal Beach brand and was inspired by the legendary amusement park once nestled on the shores of Lake Erie above the roar of the mighty Niagara Falls.

PJ and Carolyn's daughter, Jady, began spearheading the product development and sales expansion in 2000 and continues to lead the growth of the company.

In 2007, Sarasoda, Inc. formed an alliance with ABARTA Beverage Group, owners and operators of four Coca – Cola Bottling Companies located in Cleveland, OH, Buffalo, NY, Lehigh Valley, PA and Coatesville, PA. These four franchises have annual combined sales of 16 million cases, making ABARTA the country’s seventh largest bottler of Coca-Cola. ABARTA actively supports the marketing efforts of PJ's Crystal Beach loganberry across the Northeast.

Sarasoda, Inc. continues to sponsor the Phoenix Scholarship award, a program that was initiated by Sarasoda, Inc. in 2000. The scholarship is presented annually to deserving high school seniors who meet specified criteria. Like the mythical Phoenix who, after being destroyed and consumed by fire, rose from the ashes reborn to fly again, these individuals have demonstrated the ability to rebound from adversity and personal hardship, rebuild their lives, exhibit success in the academic arena and have been accepted to an institution of higher learning. Sarasoda, Inc. takes great pleasure in recognizing these exceptional individuals and their inspirational stories.